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FPA started as a an idea and an OK from my loving wife Amber and once she said OK this one man band show has taken off.  We have had some great record months of sale and service and I have tried to make sure we are are always keeping our prices and costs as low as we can get them at all times.  I started this all in my basement home/office gun store and because of this have been able to do exactly that keep them cost low.  But at the same time to keep those costs low stil that same one band show man doing all of our ordering, shipping, marketing, internet sale, and even all that janitorial stuff all by myself with the help of my three kids when they like to help (which is very little at this time) but as they get older I am hoping that all changes and we can build this together as our gun family to all of your gun families out there. 

So history for us as a company I personally been around guns most of my life and learned as much from family, friends, hunting family. etc.  I went from that to follow my goals to be a police officer, to a business owner to working FT carrier to back to a business owner again with the FT carrier.  Currently I work as a Fraud/Account Resolution/Detective Investigator and get to play guns all in the middle of that everyday along with spending quality time with my loving family.

Please let us know if there is anything we can help you find or help you order at the cheapest and best price we can get you.  Something that is very important about our guns that we deal with most of all of them come with Lifetime Repair Or Replament Warranty with the price you see we don't add this in later as an extra purchase you need to make to get like some other gun sites do.  So please remember that when you see our price it might be $8.00 more than bobs gun shak (thats made up so sorry if there is a bobs gun shak) has it for but then bobs wants you to buy your extended warranty for $20.00 so now you really did not save on that $8.00.  So keep this in mind when you do see our prices.

Thanks Again for your time and in reading this.

Mike B.
Firing Pin Armory CEO/President/Janitor....